Jenishia Crockett is an Author, Entrepreneur, Professional Accountant, Certified Tax Preparer and Travel Agent. She started working for herself in 1998 and afterwards people gradually begin to ask for her assistance in preparing their taxes.  After 10 years of helping others for free, she decided to start the preparation as a business. In 2008 she got certified as a professional tax preparer received her state and IRS credentials, with having 40 tax clients. Now 23 years into the business and hundreds of clients later she's ventured out into helping others know the benefits of preparing taxes yearly and offering classes on how to become a tax preparer. Jenishia started traveling as a hobby over 10 years ago using her own personal travel agent.  After experiencing several different states, islands and 3 different continents she was approached with the proposition of becoming a travel agent of her own.  This venture has positioned her to help others travel to their dream vacation(s) and to build their own travel agencies.  She's now been to 5 different continents and several countries.